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A Stolen Heart (Lost Heirs #1)

RM 25.00

by Candace Camp
Goodreads rating:  3.92

Lord Thorpe's new business partner is not what he expected.With her billowy black hair and creamy skin, Alexandra Wardis stunningly beautiful, brashly outspoken…and the perfectimage of a wealthy woman long thought dead.

Straight from America, Alexandra finds London fraught withdanger. Her appearance on Thorpe's arm sends shock ripplingthrough society and arouses hushed is she a schemerin search of a dead woman's fortune, or an innocent caught upin circumstances that she doesn't understand?

Someone knows the truth, someone who doesn't wantAlexandra to live long enough to learn anything. OnlyLord Thorpe can help her now—if he can overcome hisown suspicions.

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