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Any Way You Want Me

by Lucy Diamond
Goodreads rating:  3.47

On paper, Sadies got it all - the partner, the children, the house. But in real life, that doesnt feel quite enough. Sadie cant help harking back to the time when she was a career woman by day and a party animal by night. And what happened to feeling like a sex kitten, anyway? The only sleepless nights shes getting now are due to the baby.

Maybe a little reinvention is the answer Sadie cant resist creating a fictitious online identity for herself as a hot TV producer. Its only a bit of harmless fununtil truth and fantasy become dangerously tangled. It isnt long before shes wondering if the exciting alter ego she has dreamed up really is the kind of person she wants to be after all Wry, funny, and with a wonderful twist in the tale, Any Way You Want Me is an enchanting novel of infidelity, motherhood, and friends that heralds the debut of a lovely new voice in fiction.

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