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The Sun Witch (Sisters of the Sun #1)

by Linda Winstead Jones
Goodreads rating:  3.79

For three hundred years, the Fyne women have called their cottage on the mountain home. The villagers stay away from the Fyne sisters, fearing their witchery. But Isadora, Juliet and Sophie use their sorcery for good—most of the time.

A curse put on their family long ago makes true love unattainable for the Fyne women. Sophie's two elder sisters, both skilled witches, have accepted this and have vowed a lifetime of chastity. But young Sophie has yet to find her own power. With more luscious curves than her sisters, Sophie wonders if the fire coursing through her body might be an indication of her true strength. She dreams of a green-eyed stranger, and when she finally does meet the man of her dreams, Sophie knows her power: nature has gifted her with fertility.

Although groggy from war wounds, Kane could have sworn that an angel came to him, healed and made love to him. Now, after a year of searching for the girl who may or may not have been a dream, Kane is stunned to find Sophie—with his child at her breast. But when a scorned suitor captures their infant daughter, they must call on all their strengths, both earthly and supernatural, to fight the curse which promises to end their happiness.  

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