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A Knight's Honor

by Connie Mason
Goodreads rating:  3.79

He was a miracle sent by God to save her. That was what Mariah's aged and ailing husband called the mysterious knight who had been brought unconscious to their doorstep. She had to agree that he was a maiden's dream, but she was no maiden to swoon over a handsome stranger. She was a wife, soon to be a widow, and though the course of action her dying husband urged upon her might leave him with an heir, it would lead her into terrible temptation.

Or Sinner...
When he opened his eyes upon the golden-haired woman attending his sickbed, Falcon thought her an angel. And as his strength grew, so too did his desire to show her a little bit of heaven. He might have no recollection of his past, but he sensed that he knew well how to please a woman. Little did he guess that the seduction he was contemplating would take him to paradise, yet put at risk--A KNIGHT'S HONOR.

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