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Calder Promise (Calder Saga #8)

by Janet Dailey
Goodreads rating:  4.06
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Young and beautiful, with a mix of cool elegance and smoldering earthiness, Laura Calder will never be content to be some man's wife, living on a Montana ranch like her mother. She's thrilled to tour Europe with her sophisticated "Aunt" Tara, taking in the cocktail banter and sampling the good life at every opportunity. But as her trip comes to a close, Laura's future feels more unsettled to her than before and the dazzling array of party games less satisfying. What she wants is to be her own woman. What she wants is everything.

And then, in one evening, her life changes completely as she meets the two men--and ultimate rivals--who will lay claim to her heart. Tall and dark, with a will of iron, Boone Rutledge is the son of a Texas billionaire and used to getting his way. The moment he lays eyes on her, Boone wants her. And so does Sebastian Dunshill, Earl of Crawford. The handsome, sexy Londoner has more charm than should be allowed, and a few secrets he can't share, but he knows Laura is the sort of woman he'll chase halfway around the world to make his own.

Caught up in a whirlwind courtship with both men that will take her from the nightclubs of Rome to the manor houses of England, across the dusty flatlands of Texas and finally home to the Triple C Ranch, Laura is determined to make her choice on her own terms. But not everything is as it seems, and that Calder pride will lead Laura into a danger for which her sheltered background has never prepared her. . .and to a man who is a threat to the family she loves more than she knows. . .

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