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Catch Me If You Can (Men of Rogue's Hollow #3)

by Donna Kauffman
Goodreads rating:  3.57
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All Tag Morgan wants to do is help settle his father’s estate so he can get back to properly cataloguing his Mayan ruins. So he’s caught quite off guard to discover that A) his father had holdings in Scotland, and B) the property now belongs to Tag. Leafing through his father’s correspondence with the property’s overseer, one Maura Sinclair, yields even more surprises. His father’s letters reveal a warmer, kinder man – nothing like the harsh, cold disciplinarian Tag remembers. Surely it has to do with Maura, whose writing is filled with a dry wit, and infectious charm that keeps Tag reading all night. By the time the sun rises, Tag knows he’s going to Scotland to find this woman who has so thoroughly captivated him.

Traveling alone through the Scottish highlands with an old car and an even older map, the man who dissects other cultures for a living is completely out of his element in this one. Eccentric locals. Bone-chilling weather. Lethal-strength ale. Scary sheep. It’s a lot to take in. More unsettling is Maura Sinclair, the woman with the sparkling blue eyes and the even sparkier temperament…a woman who’ll fight to keep the land for her tenants…and who ignites passions Tag didn’t even know he had. Once he gets a taste, Tag only wants more. And if he does, he’ll have to let go of the past and embrace the future with everything he’s got…especially his heart.  

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