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by Jillian Hunter
Goodreads rating:  3.69
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Douglas Moncrieff was once a notorious pirate, the Dragon of Darien. With a stroke of the king's pen, he is given a Scottish earldom...and a royal order to behave. Haunted by past sins, a heartless predator by habit, Douglas now faces the perilous road to reform.

Princess Rowena of Hartzburg, an innocent heiress in danger, has fled to the Highlands for a mysterious rendezvous with Douglas's respectable half-brother. When his brother fails to arrive, Douglas plans to hide his shameful past from Rowena and claim this lovely gem for himself.

But this princess has plans of her own. Not the helpless maiden Douglas expects, Rowena is a royal hellion who cannot wait to tame her dragon...In a secluded Highland castle, secrets are unveiled and desires unleashed as Douglas and Rowena join forces to fight a deadly enemy. Now the pirate who hoped to capture a princess discovers that her innocence -- and his heart -- are both at stake.

RM 25.00