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by Elaine Barbieri
Goodreads rating:  3.66
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In the days of Indian unrest and cavalry wars, the Cheyenne leader known as Gold Eagle walked the plains determined to defend his adopted people from the Army's injustice. His flowing blond hair and powerfully muscled golden body struck fear in the hearts of men. Yet the hard planes of his chisled warrior's visage and his immense strength belied his wounded heart. Living among his emeny is disguise, he found the one thing that could soothe his tormented soul: Mallory Tompkins, a stubborn, ambitious newspaperwoman with hair like the blazing sunset and eyes like the brightest emeralds, Her passionate kisses tore his world asunder, and stirred a desire that threatened to destroy all he knew. But where fate had united them, deceit would destroy their bliss, unless they could forever join their love, their souls, their destinies.  

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