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Enlightening Delilah (The School For Manners #3)

by M. C. Beaton
Goodreads rating:  3.74
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If only Sir Charles Digby hadn't kissed her, perhaps Delilah Wraxall would not be in the spiteful habit of declining so many marriage proposals. In that one impassioned kiss, she had learned the enchantment of true love--and the fury of a woman scorned when Sir Charles vanished without an explanation. Now she breaks hearts with glee, wreaking havoc amongst the surplus of suitors vying for her hand--and driving her father to desperate measures. The only hope for his flirtatious daughter rests in the capable hands of Amy and Effy Tribble and their reputable School for Manners.

But subduing Delilah proves a monumental challenge. For as she steps into London's social limelight, she's concocted a plan to pique Sir Charles' jealousy. And she's already got the Season's most roguish bachelor wrapped around her little finger.... 

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