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Fountain of Secrets (Akora #5)

by Josie Litton
Goodreads rating:  4.14
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Strong-willed, beautiful Persephone chooses to live alone on the island of Deimatos, in the legendary kingdom of Akora. There she bears a secret so burdensome, she risks sharing it with no one, including the English nobleman who has stumbled upon her isolated home.

Gavin Hawkforte, son of an English earl and an Akoran princess, has discovered an unsettling secret of his own: the volcano that originally formed his beloved island nation is stirring once again, threatening them all—including Persephone.

As the two of them work to save Akora, their burning attraction becomes impossible to deny. But will destiny allow the couple to satisfy their duties to their homelands—and their desire for each other? When the sins of the past collide with the dangers of the present, only love can fulfill the promise of an ancient legacy.  

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