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Going My Way (2-in-1)

by Janet Dailey
Goodreads rating:  3.48
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Dear Reader,

These stories of classic romance are among my favorites --- and I welcomed the chance to revise them for today's readers.


Judging by all the photos of him with the model du jour on his arm, Rome Lockwood can have any woman he wants, and newbie reporter Lexie Templeton has heard rumors about him that are hot enough to scorch paper. And now everyone thinks she made the decision to run them in the gossip column! Rome insists that Lexie explain --- and he doesn't seem to be the kind of man who takes no for an answer ...


Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning out descent into Honolulu International Airport ... Julie Lancaster can't wait. Taking a job as tutor in the household of a wealthy island family was the smartest move she ever made. Compared to the New England winter she left behind, Hawaii seems like paradise. Friendly people ... fragrant flowers everywhere ... sugar-sand beaches ... it has to be the most romantic place on earth. And the head of the household, handsome Ruel Chandler, couldn't agree more ...

All roads lead to romance in these books!

With love,

Janet Dailey

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