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Indiscreet (London Friends #1)

by Kasey Michaels
Goodreads rating:  3.61
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Sophie Winstead: A spirited beauty with a mezmerizing figure and a perfect pout, Sophie Winstead had been well schooled in the art of dazzling gentlemen. Now with the London season just beginning, Sophie is determined to become a Lady--even if it means forgoing love to marry for wealth alone. If only her straight-laced sponsor would give her his approval-and stop weakening her resolve with his startlingly blue eyes.

Bramwell Seaton: The picture of propriety, he swore he could control the passionate appetites that were his late father's downfall. But from the moment Bramwell takes charge of the incorrigible yet irresistible Sophie Winstead, he is driven to mad distraction. Suddenly he and his lovely ward are waltzing ever closer toward scandal, and Bramwell must resist her charms to preserve their reputations--and his heart. 

RM 25.00