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Lord of the Night

by Connie Mason
Goodreads rating:  3.79

After his father was wrongfully hanged at the hands of the Greys and his birthright taken from him, Jaime Mortimer was forced into exile. Known only as the Lord of Darkness, he became a smuggler, vowing one day to avenge his father’s death and reclaim all that belonged to him. So when news of Lord Evan Grey’s imminent marriage reached the virile renegade, he knew he must halt the wedding at any cost and marry the bride himself.

Yet Lady Aleta Somerset was no ordinary bride, and she was not about to bend to the will of this brazenly handsome rogue who dared claim her as his own. But despite the silver-haired beauty’s fierce determination not to succumb to the pleasures of the marriage bed, her body betrayed her as Jaime took her to new heights of pleasure and ecstasy – until she longed to surrender to her … Lord of the Night.

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