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Maybe This Christmas (2-in-1)

by Janet Dailey
Goodreads rating:  3.21
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Two heartwarming Christmas stories from beloved New York Times bestselling author Janet Dailey--and filled with romance, charm, and delightful holiday spirit. Some Christmas vacation! An unexpected blizzard just stranded Jennifer Glenn in the heart of the mountains, and her boots aren't made for walking. But the Jeep's buried in a snowdrift and a lonely log cabin is the only shelter for miles around. Just her luck: there's only one bed. She's not about to share it with Logan Taylor, even though the handsome rancher swept her up in his arms and carried her over the threshold. He can just take the chair by the fire like a gentleman--if he is a gentleman--and he can just stop calling her darlin'. Or she'll never fall asleep! Happy holidays were only a memory for Dina Chandler in the years after her husband's plane disappeared over the jungle. But the Christmas to come will be a celebration like no that Blake has returned. His long ordeal has changed everything--except his passionate love for the woman who was once his wife. Winning her back will be the greatest challenge--and the greatest gift--of all. 

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