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Much Ado About Marriage (MacLean Curse #6)

by Karen Hawkins
Goodreads rating:  3.95

Dear Reader,

At long last, I'm getting to fulfill a dream: completely rewriting my first book to include my beloved MacLeans. This book, an Elizabethan-set historical romance, was written under another name. I still love saucy Fia MacLean and the dashing English earl Thomas Wentworth, but as I grew as a writer I longed to tell the story as well as it deserved to be told. Now I have that chance.

Meeting lovely Fia is all it takes to turn Thomas's espionage mission in Scotland topsy-turvy. Flirting in the woods with the seductive, infuriating lass leaves him captive in the MacLean castle, but his escape attempt brings worse! Caught in an apparently compromising position with the lady, the English earl has no chance
to make any ado before he finds himself wed. Thomas is on a serious assignment, but Fia's sharp tongue and saucy wit bring mayhem to his life. How can he concentrate, when just one glance from her makes him burn with desire?

Karen Hawkins

P.S. As an added bonus, I get to tell how the MacLean curse became entwined with my upcoming series -- featuring the Hurst amulet -- when the lord of Clan MacLean lays a claim on that treasure and sets in motion the events that lead to the curse. 

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