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Never a Bride

by Amelia Grey
Goodreads rating:  3.48

He has a scar on the back of his neck. That's all Mirabella Whittingham knows about the man responsible for her best friend's death—so she's been kissing bachelors all over town in hopes of finding him. London society is shocked—but why should she care what people say? Her fiancé—a man she's never even laid eyes on—has been gone for years, and shows no signs of returning. She's given up hope of ever becoming a bride...

Then, having resigned herself to a lifetime of pretend passion, Mirabella is shocked when a man's kiss makes her tremble with lust. She is even more shocked to discover that he is none other than her long-gone betrothed. His painful past and her ruined reputation may stand in the way of true love, but if there's one thing Mirabella's learned, it's never say never... 

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