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Never Marry a Stranger (Sons of Scandal #3)

by Gayle Callen
Goodreads rating:  3.63

It's an absolute scandal when Captain Matthew Leland arrives at
Madingley Court. Presumed dead in battle, his sudden appearance
gives the ton quite the shock. But no one is more surprised than
Matthew, because waiting for him at home is a bewitching, blue-
eyed beauty--and she claims to be his wife!

Miss Emily Grey was alone in the world when a knight in shining
armor came to her rescue, claimed her heart, and then
disappeared. But now her little white lie, a desperate act of self-
preservation, has come back to haunt her. Her husband, once a
far-off fantasy, is now a flesh-and-blood man who insists she
share his bed...

Matthew has no memory of any marriage to this scheming
seductress, and he's determined to expose her in every way. But
a life with the exquisite Emily will prove irresistible...and a
marriage of deception will become a marriage of sweet, sweet

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