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Perils of the Heart

by Jennifer Ashley
Goodreads rating:  3.56

Sent to seduce the captain of the merchantman Aurora, the English governess trembled in her innocence. Her stepbrother’s life--and the life of the rugged sailor she must tempt--depended on her success. Evangeline swore to surrender her body, her virtue . . . anything Austin Blackwell demanded. But she never expected to relinquish her heart. On a mission for the American colonies, Austin suspected the timid temptress was a skilled spy ordered to sabotage his plans. She played the part of an untried miss to perfection, her inexperienced fumbling driving him wild with desire. But after sampling her sweetness, after one harrowing night fraught with passion and peril, the commander vowed to navigate any course to discover the truth. For his soul mutinied at the prospect of sailing into the future without the courageous lady by his side.  

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