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Reiver's Bride (Secret Clan #4)

by Amanda Scott
Goodreads rating:  4.00

Lady Ellyson is outraged that her cousin, the beautiful Fiona, is being married off to Eustace Chisholm, a greedy predator. Fiona has been engaged to Chisholm's nephew, Kit, who disappeared after being accused of murder and is presumed dead. But Kit is very much alive and is hiding in Scotland after escaping from an enemy who has imprisoned him. When he comes across Anne, who figures out his true identity, the two team up and foil Chisholm's wedding plans. But then Kit realizes that it is not Fiona he wants, but Anne! With Anne determined that Kit marry Fiona, Kit determined to make Anne his bride, and Chisholm's confession that he really wants Fiona's mother, romantic affairs have become hopelessly tangled. It'll take a daring plan from Anne to straighted out this mess-and make sure each person makes the proper love match.  

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