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Shall We Dance? (Westham-Brentwood #2)

by Kasey Michaels
Goodreads rating:  3.50
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The notorious Queen Caroline, caught between broken
dreams and a devious husband out to ruin her, may harbor
a stunning secret: a hidden heir to the throne.

Amelia Fredericks, adopted as an infant by the mercurial but good-hearted queen, is now her most trusted companion. And yet…there are rumors. Is Amelia truly the orphaned daughter of a commoner—or the
secret daughter of the king himself? 

That's the question that haunts Perry Shepherd, Earl of Brentwood. Dispatched to spy on the queen, he has lost his heart to the lovely, loyal Amelia. But does the woman he adores belong to him alone…or to all
of England? 

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