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by Connie Mason
Goodreads rating:  3.87

Princess Zara had been raised a warrior, always at her father's side in battle against the Arabs who had stolen their land. So when she was taken prisoner by Sheik Jamal abd Thabit during a raid, she was determined not to succumb to his wishes. She thought it would be easy, for rather than take her as his concubine then and there, Jamal struck a deal—if he was unable to seduce her within four weeks, he would set her free. But Zara was more his slave than she'd thought, for she found herself mesmerized by the virile beauty of his muscular form and, at the slightest touch of his capable hands, felt her body grow hotter than the desert sun. Torn between duty to her people and the temptations of her Arab master, Zara wondered if she dared risk all she had ever known and trust her heart to this enemy.

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