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The Bargain

by Jane Ashford
Goodreads rating:  3.68

It's more than ridiculous, it's damned embarrassing and inconvenient...for a scientist with his reputation to be called in to get rid of a ghost. But when the Prince Regent summons Lord Alan Gresham to London to solve the mystery of a haunting, he has no choice. At least the task shouldn't take much time. He will uncover the perpetrators of the hoax and then return with speed to his experiments. Or so Gresham thinks, until he finds his calm, logical investigation disrupted by a maddeningly forthright beauty.

Ariel Harding has her own reasons for wanting to catch the ghost. Yet when she slips into Carlton House uninvited, she never dreams she'll end up locked in a closet with an arrogant, opinionated, yet undeniably attractive scientist...or that she'll wind up making a perilous bargain with the very same man. They agree to exchange information--and nothing more. But neither plans on the most confounding of scientific occurrences: the breathless chemistry of desire. 

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