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The Devil's Heiress (Company of Rogues #8)

RM 25.00

by Jo Beverley
Goodreads rating:  3.81 
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In The Devil's Heiress, there are fortune hunters aplenty who are not particular about the origins of the wealth Clarissa Greystone has recently inherited from the vicious nobleman. Still, she's amazed when the new Lord Deveril (a distant relation of the late, unlamented lord) sends his heir, George Hawkinville, to court her... and she's right to distrust the bold young man's motives. At first, it's true that all Hawk cares about is her fortune. He cannot imagine what sort of respectable woman would have ever agreed to marry the late Lord Deveril, or to accept money from the man. But Hawk needs that same ill-gotten wealth to repay the enormous sum his father has pledged against Hawk's own maternal inheritance. But, as these unexpectedly loving allies are swept up in the aftermath of shattering a Napoleonic spy ring, it soon becomes clear to both Clarissa and Hawk that their mutual reservations cannot stand against their mutual passion.