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The Promise (Crown Family #3)

by Kasey Michaels
Goodreads rating:  3.70
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Brianna Cassidy Crown, eighteen-year-old daughter of a Pennsylvania landowner, barely remembered her "cousin" Daniel. The adopted half-Lenape son of a marquess, privy to one of the finest fortunes in all England, was handsome, intelligent --- yet discontent to his very soul. Returning to the America lie left as a child, he was on a journey to find his past, and a place where he really belonged. But from her first glimpse of him seated on his horse Lenape Traveler, Brianna wanted him to belong to her --- and she set her heart on the capture and taming of Daniel Crown.

She hoped to prove to him that she was a determined woman, not an impulsive girl, and to join him in his search for his people. She didn't know her father had warned Daniel of his headstrong daughter's amorous intentions, or that an enemy was arriving from England to forever divide Daniel's dreams and her desire. Yet she knew when she gazed into Daniel's night-dark eyes, that love is a promise a woman will fight anyone, or anything to keep ...  

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