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To Tempt a Rogue (Delaney Trilogy #3)

by Connie Mason
Goodreads rating:  3.86

Kitty O'Shay has been living outside the law for years. Dressed as a boy, joined the notorious Barton gang, robbing banks and stealing horses with no one the wiser of her true identity. Except their newest member: Ryan Delaney. He is the only one who sees through her charade.

Ryan has infiltrated the Barton gang, hoping to find some information on a dying man's missing illegitimate daughter. Little does Ryan know he'll find her within the group. Stealing Kitty away is easy; controlling his desire for the maddening vixen is not. Ryan thought his biggest problem would be convincing Kitty to visit the father she'd never known--until he realized he was in danger of losing his heart to the beauty.

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