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Wedding Survivor (Over the Edge #1)

RM 25.00

by Julia London
Goodreads rating:  3.80

Thrillseekers Anonymous is a members-only adventure service that caters to the rich and famous. Living on the edge is nothing to the men who started the service, but “extreme sports” takes on a whole new meaning when they run across women who can give as good as they get…

Wedding Survivor

When a pair of A-list movie stars decides to combine a wedding with an extreme sport outing, ex-stuntman Eli McCain isn’t too happy. One of the Thrillseekers Anonymous founders, he was jilted at the alter a year ago—and he has no interest in hearing wedding bells. Unfortunately, hes’ been outvoted, and now there’s a crazy wedding to stage with a bridezilla from hell.

In comes wedding planner Marnie Banks to save the day—and, she hopes, make some romantic connections with Hollywood’s jet set. Only one problem stands in her Eli McCain, who may look like a movie star, but has no appreciation for the finer things in life.

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