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Whispers of the Night (Night #3)

by Lydia Joyce
Goodreads rating:  3.29
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When four London seasons fail to find her a suitable match, Alcyone Carter does the unthinkable and treks across Europe to marry a foreign nobleman she's never met. But on her wedding night, she discovers her handsome, enigmatic husband is not the man he claimed to be -- and when a more sinister secret emerges, she escapes from his estate into the darkness rather than live a lie with a man she feels she can never know.

Ignited by his desire and pride, Dumitru Constantinescu, Count Severinor, risks everything to follow her from the depths of the Romanian forests into the decadent heart of Istanbul. It is there that they will become unwilling pawns in a game that forces them to confront the sensual passion they've discovered -- and the dire threat that could cost them both their lives.  

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