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Wicked Fantasy (Castle of Dark Dreams #3)

by Nina Bangs
Goodreads rating:  4.13
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Nina Bangs presents the final book in her trilogy of three brothers who star in the erotic dramas of the Castle of Dark Dreams. Little do their riveted female customers know that the sexy role-players are driven by paranormal passions...which are more than fulfilled by the exotic devices of their women...

Goddesses kick butt when you tick them off—Conall O'Rourke learned this the hard way after killing an Irish deity's favorite in battle. His punishment? He's cursed to protect Kavanagh descendants down to the last arrogant jerk. Now there's only one left, and Conall thirsts to claim his freedom after centuries of servitude. But who knew the remaining Kavanagh would be so beautiful, so sensual, and such a...

Vampire? Gerry Kavanagh has dedicated herself to tracking down bad guys of the nonhuman variety. Unfortunately, she finds more than the wereweasel she's after at the Castle of Dark Dreams. The most despised member of the O'Rourkes expects to shadow her every step so he can "serve and protect" her. Nope. Never going to happen. Too bad he takes hot way beyond sizzling  

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