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You And No Other

by Cathy Maxwell
Goodreads rating:  3.74

When Lady Caroline Pearson learns that her brother-in-law has idiotically, and illegally, gambled away her house, she decides that enough is enough. Boldly she confronts the new owner in person. But not only does the dashing rogue, James Ferrington, refuse to return Caroline's deed, he tries to take scandalous advantage of her as well.

Sheepish and repentant, James arrives on Caroline's doorstep to make amends --- unaware that she is now intent on retaliation. James merely meant to seduce the bewitching minx and have done with it --- and suddenly, he's a kidnapped prisoner in Caroline's cellar. But most shocking of all, James realizes that he has no desire whatsoever to be free --- for the audacious Caroline has inflamed his senses, destroyed his reason ... and completely captured his heart.  

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